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Thank you for your support! This year's donation drive has ended, but we look forward to seeing you next year!



"You arebwonderful Diane! We love you!"

Love, MeeMa

"What a great cause!! You are an amazing young lady, just like Mama!! Love you (even if you don't remember us! LOL)"

Love, Dawn, TJ, Ashley, Alex

"Diane you are a Big inspiration for everyone!"

Love, Uncle B

"I adore you Diane!"

Love, MeeMa

"Enjoy life!"

Love, Rick Chard

"Happy To support you and such a good cause. Give your mom and dad a big hug from Sue and I. Much LUVNHUGS"

Love, Blue & Sue

"Hi Diane, it is an honor to help"

Love, Gary

"Good luck with this, Diane!!! Hope you get some really cool stuff for your school!!!"

Love, Renee

"We love you Diane! 👍❤️😁"

Love, Kenny-Opa

"You hold the future in your hands. You can accomplish anything you want."

Love, Anita

"Be the best!!!!"

Love, Daddy Tank

"Thank you for loving me, Diane!"

Love, Mom

"God blessed us all with your beautiful soul and I'm so thankful to have a chance to experience it!! Love you Diane!! 💜"

Love, Aunty Jess

"Great cause young lady!"


"Your mind has ambition and perseverance, got that from your mom. Your body is full of energy and strength, got that from your dad. Your heart has love and gentleness, that's all you. Your life of being carefree and an animal lover, got that from your sister. Your smug grin ànd mischievousness, probably got from your wacky aunt 🤣. You've blossomed with a little bit of everyone in you. And now you're giving a little bit of yourself to us, teaching us to care and appreciate the heros in our lives. Thank you for keeping our eyes open 🥰🥰"

Love, Aunty Wacky Linh

"Hope you raise lots of money for your school"

Love, GMA & GPA

"You are so blessed to have wonderful teachers and there blessed to have you... love you my girlie"

Love, Aunt Leanne

"Diane always keep the faith and be a light in the darkness!!!! Stay yourself always!! We love you very much!!!"

Love, Auntie Trish and Uncle Mike

"Love you little sis!!! Our shining star !"

Love, Happy

"Diane, I am so proud of the young lady that you are. You are an inspiration to so many around the world. You are strong and determined just like your mum. You can do anything you put your mind to and you have proven that over the years. You make me laugh are your antics. Keep smiling gorgeous girl and I hope to make to Montana one of these years and meet you in person. Keep smiling and laughing"

Love, Aunty Michelle

"Hope this helps. Wish I could do more"

Love, Daniel

"We are so proud of you!"

Love, Denise

"Love you Diane!!"

Love, Lupe, Stacy, Hailey and Chris

"Keep up the excellent achievements, you are definitely a shinning light in this world."

Love, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Connie

"Diane my sweet beautiful little niece, I love you so much! You may be little but your love is large! You are an inspiration to everyone lucky enough to meet you! I loved you since you we in your mommy tummy and I'll love you forever! Love you baby girl! ❤🥰🙏🏽"

Love, Aunty Tracy

"Go, Diane! You are the best!!!"

Love, Lara

"Little Miss Awesome doing it Big!! As Always!"

Love, Lamar

"Diane - you are an amazing young lady!!"

Love, Susanne

"Amazing job going on here little D!"

Love, Andy

"Shoot for the stars Diane! No dream is ever too big!"

Love, Jeremy

"Keep up the good work and have fun in school."

Love, Ms Pam

"Just keep swimming. Lots of high fives!!!"

Love, Uncle MadFrog

"Proud of you little one, keep smiling pretty girl."

Love, Phill

"Dear Diane, you are such an inspiration. I pray for your continued growth and success. You Rock!"

Love, Poppop

"Great work sweetheart❤ Keep on changing the world for the better!! You are amazing!"

Love, Stephanie

"Keep us Smiling Diane!! You are our sunshine 🌞"

Love, BigE and Mrs. BigE

"Diane, you are amazing like a superhero and are going to do wonderful things in life!"

Love, the People I've Never Met who Love Jesus

"We love you and miss you"

Love, Tio

"You Go Diane!! So proud of you!❤️❤️❤️"

Love, Michelle

"Sending Love & Aloha from Hawaii 😘💜🤙"

Love, Auntie E